How to Use the Holster Safely

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The holster is a simple and safe way to carry your firearm. It secures the gun in place until you need it, decreasing the risk for accidental discharge. When carrying with a holster, remember not to cross any body parts over the barrel of your weapon when drawing; this could put you at risk for injury. The safety strap should always be fastened when wearing the holster and unloaded weapons should be stored separately from ammunition in an inaccessible location such as a lockbox or other container that prevents unauthorized access.

Holsters are designed to be worn outside the waistline of clothing. They allow for quick access to a firearm, which is often necessary for dangerous situations. However, there are some safety measures that every gun owner should take when wearing their holster. These include:    

  • Storing your pistol on safe until you need it;
  • Never let children or other unauthorized people handle your weapon;
  • Make sure the barrel is pointed away from yourself and others at all times.

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