EL-CD Cross Draw Holster

EL-CD Cross Draw Holster
EL-CD Cross Draw Holster EL-CD Cross Draw Holster EL-CD Cross Draw Holster
Brand: Bobby Macs - Made in the USA
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The EL-CD is the Ultimate in Cross Draw Holsters! This holster was a pleasure, privilege, and true Honor to design... It was created for a dear and knowledgeable friend, Mr. Ed Lovette. Ed has been searching for the "perfect" cross draw holster his entire career / life, luckily we helped him end his search with the EL-CD. We have also been told by many cross draw pros, the EL-CD is the first Snubby cross draw "done right"! With little experience carrying cross draw, Bobby relied on Mr. Lovette's knowledge and experience to design the perfect Cross Draw rig!

The EL-CD was one of our proudest accomplishments, as it had to be designed with a unique angle, and had to put the revolver at a specific height on the belt. Succeeding in the required list of features this holster lends itself to a VERY natural and ergonomic draw, in virtually any position. A cross draw holster should work the same standing, sitting in a restaurant / car, or mid stride .Additionally the EL-CD was designed to suck the butt of the gun in as tight to the body as possible, concealing the gun better than any other Cross Draw rig! Best of all, we designed this holster with all the required features of a cross draw, but kept it in an secure, aesthetic, compact, and concealable package!

*If you draw with the right hand the EL-CD is worn on the left side - and you would order a right hand holster.

Mr. Lovette said " a key element to his holster is the ability to put it on and forget it is there; until its needed"!

*note; this holster does not allow complete access to the front pocket closest the holster. If this is where you keep your BUG or just want access, we are creating another cross draw with the EL-CD features, plus front pocket access.

Stay Safe!

Bobby Mac

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