Leather Care

Leather Care

Bobby Macs leather holsters, belts, and accessories are made from natural steer hides that are range bred and grown. Although Bobby hand picks each hide, there may be some natural range markings in the grain of the leather. These markings are normal for top grain steer hides and add to the natural beauty and character of your Bobby Macs product.

All of Bobby Mac's leather products will need minimal care and maintenance throughout their service life. To extend the service life of your leather purchase, simply follow the instructions below! Please keep in mind, this care guide is not a substitute for "common sense".


What "TO DO"


What "NOT TO DO"


*Breaking In.. Your brand new holster is probably really tight, because we precisely bone (hand molding done with various shape and size pieces of bone) each holster to a specific model gun.! After some time and use, the holster will naturally loosen up to where you want it! We recommend atleast 30-50 draw strokes from the holster with an UNLOADED firearm before deciding if you need to aid in breaking it in! If for some reason, it is absolutely necessary to loosen the holsters fit; the only way we would personally recommend is called "Blocking". To do so, put your UNLOADED gun into the clear plastic bag your holster was packaged in, then carefully insert the bagged gun all the way into the holster (Under NO circumstances should you wet or spray the holster with any solution to aid in the stretching process) and let it sit 5-10 minutes. *Any longer and the holster may become too loose.

If you follow this guide you will get the maximum service life from your Bobby Mac's leather product. If you are unsure about what to do or have a question, please contact us; it may save you from damaging your holster!

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