SN-1 IWB Holster

SN-1 IWB Holster
SN-1 IWB Holster SN-1 IWB Holster SN-1 IWB Holster SN-1 IWB Holster
Brand: Bobby Macs - Made in the USA
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When one of our most talented friends ECQC Trainer SouthNarc - of Shivworks asked Bobby to design a "Summer Special, the way is was meant to be..." We hit the shop, and after a few generations the SN-1 Holster was born!

Until the creation of the SN-2 Holster, the SN-1 was our #1 selling IWB rig. The SN-1 has proven itself among today's top trainers and firearms professionals! Although designed strictly as an Appendix Holster, the SN-1 has been found to carry very well anywhere from 12 - 5 o'clock. Making this a very versatile rig. Our goal was to keep the rig as thin and compact as physically possible; as you will notice the belt loop is no higher than the revolver's cylinder, making this holster very concealable, light, and comfortable. This is truly what a "summer special" was meant to be...

*Please note, this holster is not a good "training" holster (the SN-2 is a better option for training) and we strongly advise against using it for any training, especially that which has repetitive drawing from the holster... This holster was designed for ONE purpose- to carry your gun deep, concealable, and comfortable with minimal bulk, and allow access to the gun ONCE, when you need it! If your pants are loose, baggy, belt not tightened, etc. this holster may have a tendency to come partially out of the pants while drawing. As a result we suggest getting to know your holster and how it will act before carrying a loaded gun. We have upon request added a second belt loop a number of times and would be glad to add one to yours at no cost, but recommend trying it as is first.

For those of you not familiar with SN his real world experience as a LEO, Narc, and Army Ranger, brings his ECQ Concepts to a whole new level! making him one of, if not; the single best ECQC firearms trainers in the world! It would be well worth you efforts to look into training with him!

Stay Safe!

Bobby Mac

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