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Bobby Mac's is the Snub Holster source and developer to the industries Top Firearms and ECQC Fight Trainers! Bobby Mac's is the industry leader of Snubby Holsters & Accessories. As noted in several top gun publications our holsters are designed with self defense in mind; and are individually hand crafted using only the finest materials. We have taken what many perceive as the snubbies "disadvantages" and turned them into an advantage! It is these distinct characteristics of the snub revolver that inspired us to develop an extraordinary brand of holsters that are secure, well balanced, ergonomic, concealable, and extremely comfortable! Bobby Mac's holsters are the direct result of the combined knowledge, needs, and experience of Bobby Mac, and several of the industry’s top rated ECQC/Firearms Trainers & Firearms Professionals.

How we started

Bobby has been a Student and Instructor of Self Defense & Martial Arts since the age of nine. Having learned and taught Hand to Hand, Edged Weapons, and several other weapons in Self Defense, Firearms was the next logical step. As a result Bobby got a License to Carry, bought his first firearm, and sought out the BEST Training he could find! After years of training all around the country with various trainers and schools/academies, Bobby decided to share his learned knowledge. Having taught Martial Arts his entire life, teaching others Self Defense with a Firearm came natural. Eventually Bobby met one of the world’s top trainers, Michael de Bethencourt of snubtraining.com and began his training with the "under appreciated" Snubby! Bobby quickly fell in love with the Snubby revolver and eventually began teaching strictly Snubbies with Michael. .

Having learned Snubby manipulations and techniques from Michael and several other trainers, Bobby decided Michaels Snub revolver ideology was very much in line with his own thinking (i.e.. you don't switch hands to reload a semi-auto, why would you with a revolver?). It was at that point, Bobby realized how "overlooked" the snub revolver really is/was! Especially in the holster department... To keep things short; Bobby looked everywhere for a holster that would carry his revolver the way "it should be" carried, with a neutral cant, with the revolvers cylinder in line with the belts top and bottom. With no avail, Bobby who had already been making tooled leather (wallets, bags, etc.) decided to learn about holster making. After some research he decided to make a leather holster for his Colt Cobra, being useful with his hands and familiar with leather he made the first holster to carry his gun the way it should be... Michael saw the holster and wanted one just like it! Instead, Bobby said "how about you tell me exactly what you want and I’ll make it"! When Michael got his new holster he was so impressed with the detail and quality he said "are you kidding me? Why aren't you selling these...?” After some consideration and a number of detailed discussions, Bobby took Michaels advice and contacted a few friends who had a mutual respect for the Snubby and were/ are considered some of the day’s top trainers. Bobby explained that he was going to open a holster company dedicated to the Snub Revolver and its holsters would be the direct results of the skills, knowledge, needs, and experiences, of some of the industries greatest minds... and would be designed with Quality and Self defense in mind...

Why buy our holsters

We get this question a lot, well, it's usually - "why are your holsters better than ...." and to answer honestly, we do not say they are "better" than anyone else holsters, but they are different! We have a great deal of respect for other makers and their work; we will never speak negatively about them, deserving or not!

So, why are our holsters different? There are plenty of holster makers out there, hundreds perhaps... and truthfully anyone can be a holster maker! However being a holster maker doesn't mean you’re qualified to do so, it especially doesn't qualify you to sell them or give advice. With that said, as you may have read above, Bobby is both a Qualified and Certified defense and firearms trainer, who has trained LE, Civilians, etc. more importantly, he carries a gun 24/7 as an armed citizen. It is this daily involvement that has allowed Bobby to see and understand what is needed in a holster and not just a holster but a Snubby Holster. We believe you can’t make something you don't personally use every day.

As you well know, there are plenty of makers out there, some of which we personally use ourselves. But no holster maker we are aware of has dedicated themselves to ONLY 1 gun! Bobby has! He has literally dedicated the past several years of his life to researching and developing the best Snubby holsters available... What actually goes into developing a quality holster is often taken for granted. To briefly break it down, you have to first consider why it’s being worn, then you need to figure out where on the belt it should sit, at what height, what rake (angle), etc. and in the case of the Snubby, there added issues, like the guns extra thickness due to the cylinder, the odd shape/balance of the gun due to its size and short barrel, the extra weight as with an all stainless gun, or complete lack of weight as with a scandium gun, etc. Finally, you need to take all those factors and design something that is not only secure, comfortable, small as possible, and concealable, but will remain balanced and still give a reliable, natural draw. After all those subtleties have been taken into account, you actually have to build it! With that said, Bobby has done the time, he has done and continues to do the research, and has real world experience, as a result he has designed and provided what many consider to be, the world’s best Snubby holsters..

When Bobby decided to make holsters, he didn't want to be "just another" holster maker he wanted to be the guy who provided wheel gun lovers with something they have never been able to find! Don't get us wrong, the makers that we personally believe in make some awesome Snubby holsters; they just aren't made the way we prefer to carry (If you’re looking for a Snubby rig that carries your gun different than ours, we are happy to refer you to someone). That doesn't mean our holsters are better than the competition, but they are different!

We believe our Holsters and reputation speak for themselves... We take great pride in our work, and even more pride in your satisfaction! As we always recommend, do some research before committing to a holster, as the right holster could mean the difference between going to the morgue one night or home to see your family! Bobby Mac's is committed to developing/ providing only the best quality products with your self defense in mind!

Stay safe!


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