Belt FAQ's

Can I change my belt buckle?

Yes! All of our belts are made with Heavy Duty Line 24 Snaps, so changing your belt buckle or keeper can be done in seconds, with ease.

Can I return or exchange my belt?

Unfotunately we cannot accept returns or exchanges on belt orders as they are custom fit to your specifications. *Please be sure you read "how to measure your belt" before ordering. However, in the unlikely event of defective merchandise Bobby Macs will gladly repair or replace the merchandise at our discretion and cover the shipping costs.
 *also be sure to read our Return Policy

Can I use my current belt size without measuring?

No, not every belt maker measures their belts the same, ie. some start at the buckles end (which by the way makes the belt to long) oppossed to the belts end. Please see "how to measure your belt" before ordering.

Do you recommend a particular belt width?

Yes, we always recommend a 1-1/2 inch belt for firearm carry. We also recommend against 1 -1/4 inch belts as they typically do not carry the weight of a gun and most jean, pants, slacks, etc have 1-1/2" belt loops thus causing to much slack with the smaller belt.

Do you stock/sell standard size belts?

Unfortunately, the answer is no - everyone of our belts are custom made to fit based on the measurement you gave us.

How do I measure my belt?

Click on the below image if you would like to enlarge or print it.

How thick are your belts?

Our belts are serious gun belts made to carry the weight of your gun! Therefore, each belt is made with two hand cut/skived straps of top grain leather back to back giving you a smooth belt inside and out. The average thickness is 16 oz. which translates roughly to .25 inches.

I ordered a belt /holster and the colors arent exactly the same?

We try to use the same piece of leather for orders with multiple products; however, like human skin every piece of leather is different therefore will accept dye differently! Although we try to get it as close as possible, there’s no guarantee it will be identical!

The belt I ordered seems to have some dark spots / blemishes?

Although we use top grain leather in all of our products, it is still the skin from a cow. As a result, cows are often bit by mosquitos, black flies, cut/scratched by barbed wire, have stretch marks, etc. As a result, these actions sometimes leave a scar, which sometimes show up as a dark spot or mark. We believe it is these natural minor imperfections that give the leather its beauty, uniqueness, and character. That is why our favorite dye is one of the antiques or custom red brown, they bring these characteristis out intentionally...

However, in the unlikely event a piece of leather was shipped to you with excessive "marks", we would glady replace it.

What are my color choices?

We offer the same colors for our belts as we do our holsters; we try to use the same piece of leather for orders with multiple products. Sample photos are below - please keep in mind the lighting in the photos may make the colors appear differently and like human skin every piece of leather is different, therefore will accept dye differently! Although we try to get it as close as possible, there’s no guarantee it will be identical! *Right Click > view image - for a larger view


*Our Favorite (custom mix) Antiqued


Dark Brown

Medium Brown

Light Brown

*Our Favorite (custom mix) Red Brown


Red Brown, Chocolate, Antique



Which of your Holsters is most concealable?

There is NO one holster that is more concealable than another, it all boils down how you dress and what holster style is comfortable for you? For example an IWB is definitely more concealable than an OWB, but some folks cannot comfortably carry in the pants, therefore they must carry on the belt, shoulder, or ankle. If you dont wear a jacket all day then a shoulder holster makes no sense. If you wear skinny jeans then an ankle holster probably wont work well.

With that said, all of our holsters have been designed with self defense and concealability in mind... If you are limited to OWB, then rest assured the OWB you chose has been well thought out and tried in the real world. However the most important thing to keep in mind when selecting your holster is how you dress. If you have any other questions or need help selecting a holster feel free to contact us

Why isn’t the inside of my holster dyed?

We only dye the inside per request - The smooth side of leather is called the “grain”, the rough side is the “flesh”. The grain naturally accepts adn holds the dye, whereas the flesh does not. If the flesh is dyed it tends to bleed out onto clothing, guns, etc. This is especially important with chromium dyes (ours are not chromium based), as the chromium in the dye will erode your firearm.

Will your belts work with Brand "X" Holsters?

Maybe!? As every holster and/or belt maker, uses different tools, techniques, etc. there will always be little subtleties in products and /or dimensions. So, as a rule of thumb we say "don't count on it". Therefore, we can not guarantee our belts will work with any holsters other than our own. With that said, most top quality makers are pretty consistant.

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