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Are there any revolver stocks you recommend?

Yes, Craig Spegel makes some of the best revolver stocks in the world! Bobby uses Spegel stocks on most of his carry Snubs.

We also offer Custom Scalloping on any set of "wooden" stocks - see here

Curious, what exactly is your logo?

Its funny, we are asked this question often, so we figured why not make it an FAQ.

Bobby has been an artist his entire life and actually went to school for graphic design, as a result every artist needs a signature to sign their artwork! Our logo is Bobby's signature, which is his first, middle, and last initial. Bobby has been using this signature since High School and decided to use it as his logo, as he believes EVERY holster or product he hand creates is its own piece of artwork...

Do you send a notice before shipping?

Yes, you will receive a shipping email that contains the shipping and tracking information a day or two before your order actually ships.

How soon after placing my order can I email /call to check on it

The Current wait time is an estimated 12 - 18 weeks. We make every holster to order, in the order in which it was received, NO exceptions! Therefore, you can reasonably expect delivery sometime during that 6 week window. Remember though, the key word here is "estimated". An estimated delivery date is not by any means a guarantee of delivery, though we do try our best to be timely. 95 percent of the time our actual delivery's fall within our estimated time quote. But there have been occasions when we have been a couple weeks late, as well as a couple weeks early (nobody ever complains when we are early though). Our time estimates are based on experience in assessing our workload, to give you the most accurate estimate possible.

With that said, each time I have to stop what I'm doing to track down an order, it takes that much time away from someone's order being worked on. We have done the math and with the average amount of email/calls per day multiplied by our work days, multiplied per month, on average 30-40 man hours each month are spent unproductively, satisfying customer curiosity. As a result these "nuisance" calls/emails as we call them, only serve to increase everyones overall wait . Also, calling/emailing to check on an order will NOT speed up the process or get you into the production que any quicker.

Since we started making holsters, we have NEVER lost a customers order! With that said, if you have an order in que you can relax and rest assured it's not going to get lost in the shuffle! We know its a pain to wait (we have been there ourselves) and we ask that you please be patient, we are sure it will be worth your wait. If you still insist on calling/emailing please wait until we have at least reached the minimum wait time that was listed when you placed the order. You must also have your Invoice Number, Order ID and date of purchase ready.

We Sincerely thank you for your business, time, and patience...

I called and there was no answer?

Please, Leave a message...  Re-dialing our number again and again is not going to make us pick up the phone! Just leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible. Please keep in mind we get hundreds of calls and cant possibly answer every one of them and it takes as much time to all each one back. Please also make sure what your looking for is not already answered in the FAQ Section.

I emailed you and haven't gotten a reply?

We try our best to answer everyones email in a timely manner! With that said, we receive hundreds of emails and it takes time to go through and answer them. It also takes time away from building holsters, which only adds time to everyones wait, therefore we will sometimes skip (we do try to eventually answer them when we have time) those that have answers in the FAQ Section of our site.

So, if you have not received a reply make sure you have given us at least a couple days, it is not already answered in the FAQ's, and or it is not in your SPAM /JUNK box (which is most often the case). If none of those apply, there is a chance the email was missed or our reply went missing - in which case we would ask you to call or email again.

What if my question isn't listed?

After you have checked the FAQ's and are sure your question isnt listed, send us an email and we will get back to asap.

Would you recommend any holster makers for Semi-autos?

Yes, there are only a couple that we not only trust but use our self! Holsters are not something we (or anyone should) take lightly, your decision on a holster could someday make the difference between life and death... As a result, we wouldn't recommend just anyone... The limited makers we would recommend we do so because of their, knowledge, ability, craftsmanship/quality, and reputation in the industry.

Send us an email and we will refer you.

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